NOW AVAILABLE: Grey Book of Seychelles (2016 Edition)


SeyLII is delighted to announce the launch of a ground‑breaking new publication, the first of its kind in Seychelles.  

The Grey Book of Seychelles is a three-volume edition of the most frequently cited laws in Seychelles, fully consolidated and updated to 31 December 2015.   The Grey Book has been developed by Blackhall Publishing, an international firm, in partnership with SeyLII following the overwhelming success of the online eGrey Book service that was launched by SeyLII in 2014.  

The Grey Book takes as its source material the last complete edition of the Laws of Seychelles (1991), supplemented where possible by more recent official consolidations, together with all Gazettes published since that date.  This enables persons interested in the laws of Seychelles both to track the history of key laws and to access those laws as they currently stand. 

The Grey Book does not include all the Acts currently in force in Seychelles, but is intended as a convenient essential reference tool for both the legal community and the general public.  

Please note that, like the eGrey Book service and other legislation published by SeyLII, the Grey Book does not constitute an official revised edition within the meaning of the Statute Law Revision Act. 

Blackhall Publishing publishes the consolidated Grey Book of Seychelles in print in three hard cover volumes, and online. The online version is fully searchable and allows legislation to be printed and downloaded.  

The order form for the Grey Book can be downloaded directly from this page and returned by email or in person at Palais de Justice, Ile du Port.   Payment options include cash, cheque and direct bank transfer (SCR).

Copies can also be ordered online through the official Blackhall website  

2 March 2016


All of the forms in the Grey Book of Seychelles can be downloaded here. 



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